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 I've written a variety of articles pertaining to healthcare. Most recently I watched videos of physician's giving speeches to peers. I wrote articles for the average user. Here is an example of one of those articles:


Understanding How to Eat Healthy

Have you ever walked down the grocery store aisle trying to determine which foods are good for you or are better than the competitors? We watch the commercials, reading the labels and hoping the product lives up to the claims.

We are tired of hearing about the obesity epidemic. If we are thin, we assume we are healthy on the inside. If we fall on the other side of the ideal weight, we know we need to change but aren’t sure how.

If we fall into the first group, we may not worry about what foods we eat, we assume our food choices must be working. If we are overweight, we try to understand the latest and greatest foods we should eat or not eat. We see new brands of yogurt on the shelves. We watch the commercials telling us probiotic is good for us.

No matter what the number is on your scale, you should understand how your food choices affect your overall health and whether heart disease, cancer or type II diabetes is in your future, because of what you eat.

So which diet will work for us? We are tired of feeling deprived; we feel like we are always hungry and can’t see any hope for permanent weight loss. We tried the Adkins Diet, the Low-fat Diet, or we have our total food consumption delivered to us each week. Surely if we only eat what is delivered, we’ll lose the weight.

We may succeed, but as soon as we are at our ideal weight, we go back to our original eating habits. We gain back all of the weight we lost plus another ten pounds. The cycle seems to never end.

Let’s try a different path; instead of dieting, restricting ourselves and still living unhealthily. Let’s go down the road with a better understanding of why our ancestors were not obese, what was their secret?

Remember what the first three letters of diet is, d i e.  That is how some of us feel when we are hungry. We think we are going to die if we don’t get to eat. This website is your guide for getting off the diet bandwagon. There is hope for all of us, whether thin and unhealthy on the inside or tipping the scales too far in the opposite direction.

By better understanding why the diet fads didn’t work we can take a completely different approach to getting healthy.

Personally I have experienced obesity and tried every diet on the market. I am currently on the right path for a healthy body while not going back to old habits.